Security guard gets rammed by lorry in loading bay, leg badly twisted

Posted on: Friday March 31, 2017

SINGAPORE – A seemingly innocuous situation turned out to be a nightmare for a security guard who was rammed by a goods lorry he was trying to direct on Wednesday (March 29).

In a video contributed to citizen journalism website Stomp, the man can be seen guiding a red lorry out of a loading bay at Hillv2, a mall in the Hillview area.

However, instead of slowing down as it approaches the man, the lorry continues on its path, ploughing into the man and pinning him against a fence.

A second video shows the man sitting dazed on the ground, with both his knees appearing to be twisted at an unnatural angle.

Other security guards then confronted the lorry driver, who can be seen shaking his head when one of the security guards asks for his driving licence.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said that it was alerted to the incident at about 11.30am.

One ambulance was dispatched to the accident site and the 26-year-old security guard was taken to the National University Hospital.

Police said in a statement that the 30-year-old lorry driver was arrested in relation to the case.

Investigations are ongoing.

The Straits Times understands that the man arrested was not the registered driver of the lorry.

The registered driver had gone off to deliver some goods, with his partner taking over the wheel without consent.